5分钟带你走进yabo888vip官网进入 Get to Know Us through a Video
2018-04-16 3390
         自1987年公司成立,到如今2017年,yabo888vip官网进入已稳步前进,创新发展了整整三十年。 三十年的风风雨雨,春去秋来,都使得yabo888vip官网进入在不断的挑战和磨炼中,愈来愈壮大。在yabo888vip官网进入,我们一贯坚持以人为本,保护环境的理念,自觉担负起企业对社会应尽的责任和义务,努力做到公司的可持续性发展。

       It has been 30 years since 1987 when Caiqin was established. Our company, Caiqin, has been continuously growing and expanding by our employees' hard work and our technology breakthroughs. It has been an incredible 30 years because we have come through a lot of challenges and difficult times. Yet we still stand, only with a stronger and more competitive Caiqin! In our company, we believe that being "respectful, environment-friendly, socially responsible, sustainable" are the most important things that can keep a company survive and thrive. 
       Caiqin has possessed independent intellectual property rights and many national and international invention patents. Our company is in leading role of both research ability and manufacture capability in the country. No matter in mobile communications, aerospace field, or national defense field, we are committed to provide our customers with best quality and best service. From product research to product manufacture, we provide every customer of ours with best solutions all the time.
       We are happy to share this video with you today, not only to celebrate the achievements we have made for the past 30 years, but also to learn Caiqin again and to encourage all employees to get ready for our next 30 years together.
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